PAWPiS is your new best friend 🙂

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Good ol’ Los Angeles, California

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They can do whatever their parents allow…but we don’t recommend it.

Like a crunchy mocha latte that was dropped down from heaven just for you, and only you because God loves you. 

Firstly, PAWPiS is not “regular” cereal, in fact, the premium ingredients and the manufacturing process both contribute to the pricing 🙂 

Of course they do – dogs will eat anything…

Allulose is a naturally occurring sugar found in figs, raisins, wheat, maple syrup and molasses. It’s sweet like table sugar (sucrose) but without some of sugar’s well-documented downsides.


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Gregory Brown

Hello, my name is Gregory Brown, founder of PAWPiS by Prancing Tastebud.

For as long as I can remember, eating cereal has been one of the most comforting parts of my mornings, afternoons and evenings.

I can boldly profess that cereal and I have had a very wonderful relationship – I mean, it’s pretty much one-sided, but don’t tell it that!

After working in a kitchen for over a year, I decided to create my own cereal that was healthier, caffeinated, and a little less sugary than my favorites. Thus was born Pawpis: Cocoa & Coffee.

Enjoy your bowl(s) and above all — Cherish the Pawpi.