Gregory Brown

Hello, my name is Gregory Brown, founder of Pawpis.

For as long as I can remember, eating cereal has been one of the most comforting parts of my mornings, afternoons and evenings.

I can boldly profess that cereal and I have had a very wonderful relationship – I mean, it’s pretty much one-sided, but don’t tell it that!

After working in a kitchen for over a year, I decided to create my own cereal that was healthier, and a little less sugary than my favorites. Thus was born Pawpis: Cocoa & Coffee.

Oh yeah, and the little dog on the box – his name is Pawpi. There’s a lot to this little pup, but for now I’ll just inform you of this: Pawpi once told me he was tired of eating the leftovers that fell on the floor, so I asked him to help promote. I also asked if I could use his namesake. He obliged, and even decided to grace the cover under one condition – that he get a lifetime supply of the cereal. Agreed.

Enjoy your bowl(s) and above all — Cherish the Pawpi.